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​Hargreaves Lansdown ISA

Investment ISAs put your capital at risk & you may get back less than you originally invested

Investment Fund Supermarket ISAs

Stocks & Shares ISA

from Hargreaves Lansdown

Allows ISA Transfers
Regular Savings
  • Fund Choice: Choose from over 2,500 funds, shares, investment trusts and more to build your portfolio. Capital at risk.
  • Invest From: £25 pm
Lifetime ISAs

Lifetime ISA

from Hargreaves Lansdown

Regular Savings
  • Protection Scheme: FSCS
  • Fund Choice: Over 2,500 Funds, Investment Trusts, Bonds, ETF's or Cash. Capital at risk.
  • Invest From: £100 single or £25 per month
Junior ISAs

Junior Stocks & Shares ISA

from Hargreaves Lansdown

Regular Savings
  • Invest From: £25 pm
  • Investment Options: Invest in over 3,000 funds, UK and overseas shares, investment trusts and ETFs. Capital at risk.

Hargreaves Lansdown ISA

Hargreaves Lansdown Plc is a financial services based in Bristol, England. Founded in July 1981 the company is a constituent of the FTSE 100 index. They currently offer a Stocks Shares ISA and JISA products.

Finding an Investment ISA

Every tax year, each eligible person is allowed to open up to a maximum of one investment ISA, although it may be able to transfer an investment ISA. This means that it is wise to shop around a wide selection of products to try and find the best deal available to you.

You can use the tables on this page to compare a selection of different ISA types and follow the links to find out more about a specific product or apply.

About Investment ISAs

Investment ISA’s offer a tax-efficient wrapper around up to their maximum ISA allowance for savers to put their money, the money held within an investment isa can then be used to invest into various ‘qualifying investments’ such as investment trusts, shares, funds and stocks.

These products are described as tax-efficient because gains made from investments within the ISA are not subject to Capital Gains Tax. Dividends incur 10% income tax at source; however there is no further income tax to pay upon them.

Remember that when investing that the value of your investments can go down as a well as up and you could get back less or none of what you originally invested.

Other ISAs

In addition to Investment ISAs there are other types of ISA like; Innovative Finance ISAs and Cash ISAs, The rules permit individuals to open up to one of each type of ISA in each tax year so it is possible to open a Cash ISA, Investment ISA etc all within the same tax year, however the overall ISA allowance stays the same, so savers and investors who do decide to operate multiple ISA s need to remember to break up their allowance between their Individual Savings Accounts (ISAs) so they do not exceed it.

Cash ISAs: Work much like the normal savings accounts offered by banks in building societies. The main difference is that up to the maximum allowance all interest on money held in the account is paid tax free.

There are different types subsets of Cash ISA depending on how an individual would like to save, some permit the saver to make unlimited free withdrawals others will require the account holder to lock their cash into the product for a predefined period of time.

Innovative Finance ISAs: Offer a tax-efficient wrapper for investments in Peer to Peer Lending.


It is possible to transfer an ISA to another ISA product, with both the same and different providers. However not all ISAs permit transfers in and some ISA will charge a penalty for transferring out.

This means that while it can be wise to periodically shop around providers to check if you could get a better deal from another ISA, before trying to transfer it is wise to first check if any fee you would incur would cancel out the benefits of moving, and to also make sure the product you want to move to accepts transfers in. 


Your simple guide to ISAs

If you're thinking about saving or investing, an ISA (Individual Savings Account) is a great place to begin.

This simple guide will give you all the information and resources you need to get started. You'll learn:

  • What an ISA is, and how it works
  • The different types of ISAs available
  • How many ISAs you can have
  • How much you can put in an ISA

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Important Risk Information:

The value of investments can go down in value as well as up, so you could get back less than you invest. It is therefore important that you understand the risks and commitments. This website aims to provide information to help you make your own informed decisions. It does not provide personal advice based on your circumstances. If you are unsure of how suitable an investment is for you, please seek personal advice.

Lifetime ISAs

Save for your first home and retirement

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Junior ISAs

Invest for your child’s future

Compare Junior ISAs: 

Stocks & Shares ISAs

Invest tax-free in stocks and shares 

Compare Stocks and Shares ISAs:

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