Compare 3 Year Fixed Rate ISAs

Choose the best 3 year fixed rate ISA to make the most of this year’s tax free allowance.

3 Year Fixed Rate Cash ISA

from Aldermore

Interest Rate (AER) 4.15%
  • Term: 3 Years
  • Invest From: £1,000

ISA transfers in allowed. FSCS Protected. Must be UK resident and aged 16 or older. Withdraw cash early if you need to (subject to loss of interest)

3 Year Fixed Rate Cash ISA

from Leeds Building Society

Interest Rate (AER) 4.15%
  • Term: 3 Years
  • Invest From: £100

Interest paid annually. ISA transfers also allowed in. Open online, in branch or by post. FSCS Protected. Must be UK resident and be aged 18 or older. Withdrawals permitted subject to 240 days lost interest

3 Year Fixed Rate Cash ISA

from M&S Bank

Interest Rate (AER) 3.75%
  • Term: 3 Years

3 Year fixed rate ISA

A 3 year fixed rate Cash ISA will provide a fixed rate of interest over a period of 36 months, this means that savers will be required to lock their money away for this period of time without easy access to it.

How does a 3 year fixed rate ISA operate?

Usually, a three year fixed rate ISA will require you to lock your cash within the account for that period of time. Some accounts may allow early full or partial withdrawals; however there is normally an interest based penalty for doing so, which means you could get back less than you originally put into the account.

In return for locking your cash within the account, providers will offer an interest rate on the account that is fixed. This means that the rate of interest you are paid will not vary over the three years you receive it, so you can work out exactly how much you stand to earn in interest over the course of the ISA. This also means that you can try to protect your capital from falling interest rates; conversely if other interest rates improved your rate could become uncompetitive.

Fixed rate ISAs also commonly have a minimum deposit amount required to open or transfer-in to the account.

Other types of ISA

In addition to 3 year products there are also  fixed rate ISAs available for both shorter and longer periods such as; 1, 2 and 5 year fixed rate ISAs. Generally speaking with fixed rate ISAs the longer the account requires a saver to lock their cash away for the better the rate of interest offered.

There are also other kinds of Cash ISA, such as  Instant and Easy Access ISAs. These products usually allow savers to make withdrawals whenever they want without incurring a penalty for doing so.

Before opening a Cash ISA

Eligible individuals are only allowed to open one Cash ISA each tax year (although they may be able to transfer to another). As such it can be wise to shop around different providers and accounts before taking one out, to try and find the product that fits your savings needs best. You can use the tables above on this webpage and elsewhere on the site to view a selection of different kinds of ISA, and follow the links to find out more or apply