Compare 1 Year Fixed Rate ISAs

Find the best 1 year fixed rate ISA to save your tax free allowance.

1 Year Fixed Rate Cash ISA

from Aldermore

Interest Rate (AER) 4.72%
  • Term: 1 Year
  • Invest From: £1,000

ISA transfers in allowed. FSCS Protected. Must be UK resident and aged 16 or older. Withdraw cash early if you need to (subject to loss of interest)

1 Year Fixed Rate Cash ISA

from Leeds Building Society

Interest Rate (AER) 4.60%
  • Term: 1 Year
  • Invest From: £100

Interest paid annually. ISA transfers also allowed in. Open online, in branch or by post. FSCS Protected. Must be UK resident and be aged 18 or older. Withdrawals permitted subject to 90 days lost interest

1 Year e-ISA

from Yorkshire Building Society

Interest Rate (AER) 4.50%
  • Term: 1 Year
  • Invest From: £100

Interest paid at maturity. ISA transfers also allowed in. Tax free interest. FSCS Protected. Must be UK resident and be aged 16 or older. No withdrawals permitted. Closure permitted with 60 days’ loss of interest

1 Year Triple Access Cash ISA

from Nationwide

Interest Rate (AER) 4.25%
  • Term: 1 Year, with option to make three free withdrawals
  • Invest From: £1

Make up to three withdrawals during the 12-month term of this account. Tax free ISA account. Open with £1 or transfer in existing ISA funds. Invest up to £20,000 per tax year. Manage your account online. Interest paid at maturity. FSCS Protected. Must be UK resident and aged 16 or older. Make more than three withdrawals and the rate drops to 2.15% AER/gross p.a. (variable). Not available in branch

Compare 1 Year Fixed Rate Cash ISAs

A 1 year fixed rate cash ISA provides a guaranteed rate of return, in exchange for locking your cash away for 12 months. Many ISA providers offer one year fixed rate deals, so it’s worth doing your research and shopping around in order to get the best deal possible.

Putting money into a fixed-rate cash ISA is one way to protect your savings return in an era of falling rates, but be aware the opposite is also true: if you lock your money up in a fixed-rate bond just before rates rise, your cash won’t benefit from the increase. A one year fixed rate cash ISA could offer a compromise between easy access and improved rates, as you won’t have to wait too long to move your money should you find a better rate elsewhere.

Bear in mind that the interest rates on many 1 year fixed cash ISAs drop substantially after the fixed term ends, so you’ll need to be ready to move your money to an account with a better rate once this happens.


How does a 1 year fixed rate ISA work?

Fixed rate ISAs offer a fixed rate of interest on your tax-efficient savings, usually for periods of 1-5 years. Traditionally longer fixed terms meant higher interest rates, although this isn’t always the case in today’s financial climate, so you may wish to consider alternatives to fixed rate ISAs.

A 1 year fixed rate cash ISA might be right for you if…

  1. You are happy to put your money aside for a set period of time – this usually allows you to accrue a higher rate of interest than you might get with an instant access cash ISA.
  2. You don’t want to tie up your cash for too long, but still want to take advantage of a fixed rate

Use the comparison tables above to compare our wide range of the best fixed term ISAs from leading providers. Or for potentially higher returns, you could consider our selection of cash ISA alternatives.

In addition to 1 year fixed rate ISA’s there are also options for longer periods such as 2, 3 and 5 year products.

If you feel that you may need to access some of your savings within the term of the ISA then it may be better to go for an option that permits withdrawals without a penalty instead.

One year fixed rate ISA may have a minimum amount you can deposit into the account, they may also only permit one deposit, or unlimited deposits up to a certain date. This means you may need to shop around products to compare what different providers have available to find the most suitable Individual Savings Account for your specific needs.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I lose money in an ISA?

You can lose money in a Stocks and Shares ISA if your investments go down in value. You cannot lose money with a Cash ISA.

Can I have a Lifetime ISA and a standard ISA?

Yes, you can open a LISA if you already have a Cash ISA or Stocks and Shares ISA.

Are ISA accounts safe?

ISA accounts are authorised and regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA). This means that all ISA providers are covered by the Financial Services Compensation Scheme (FSCS) for up to £85,000 if they go out of business.

Please note that this may not apply to the underlying holdings within a Stocks and Shares ISA, and will not cover standard investment losses. 

Can I transfer a Cash ISA into a Stocks and Shares ISA?

Yes, you can transfer your Cash ISA into a Stocks and Shares ISA by completing a paper form with your new provider.

Can I transfer my Cash ISA into a FTSE 100 Tracker ISA?

Yes. You can do this by completing a form with your new FTSE 100 Tracker ISA provider.

Can I transfer my ISA into a Self Select ISA?

Yes, you can. You can transfer a Cash ISA or different Stocks and Shares ISA into your Self Select ISA at any time by completing a transfer form with your new ISA provider.

Make sure you complete the form and don’t just withdraw the money yourself to pay it into your new account, or your money will lose its ISA status and might not be allowed to put it all back in.

Can I withdraw money from an ISA?

For Cash or Stocks and Shares ISAs, yes, although some Cash ISAs may charge a fee or void your interest if you surrender your policy before the fixed term has ended.

When does the ISA tax year run to?

The annual ISA allowance runs in line with the normal tax year, which is 6th April to 5th April the following year. Your ISA allowance will refresh on 6th April each year.