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Sainsbury's ISA

Compare a selection of ISAs from different providers.
Investment Fund Supermarket ISAs

Click & Invest Stocks & Shares ISA

from Investec Click & Invest

Allows ISA Transfers
  • Protection Scheme: FSCS
  • Fund Choice: Managed Portfolios
  • Invest From: £2,500

Why we like it: In a nutshell this service helps make your ISA money work harder! Investec Click & Investis an online investment service that aims to make actively managed, globally diversified investment portfolios accessible to a wider audience. Everyone deserves harder working money, and Click & Invest’s goal is to make a positive difference to more financial futures. Their experts build and manage investment portfolios from £2,500 online, intelligently blending expertise with high-quality service. With a £2,500 minimum investment, Click & Invest aims to deliver an exceptional service for a straightforward fee. They offer both stocks and shares ISAs and general investment accounts, with a seamless online experience, with dedicated 24/7 support available. Capital at risk.More info...

Interative Investor Stocks & Shares ISA

from Interactive Investor

Allows ISA Transfers
  • Protection Scheme: FSCS
  • Fund Choice: 40,000+ UK and global investments
  • Invest From: £25 pm or £100 single

Why we like it: An award-winning ISA that gives you complete control. The second largest platform in the UK with the widest choice of investment options in the market including funds, investment trusts, ETF’s and more. Open online in less than 10 minutes. Access to expert independent ideas and analysis. Low cost fees and trading. Capital at risk

Investment Growth Plan ISAs

FTSE 100 Enhanced Kick Out Plan

from Investec

Allow ISA Transfers
Maximum Potential Return 10.25% per annum
  • Counterparty: Investec Bank plc
  • Term: Up to 6 years

Kick out plans seem to attract particular interest when the market is at historically high levels since they can provide competitive returns even if the FTSE stays relatively flat with the potential for 10.25% annual growth.

  • 10.25% for each year (not compounded) provided the FTSE 100 finishes higher than its starting value (subject to averaging)
  • Potential to mature early, from year 1 onwards
  • Available for ISA, ISA transfer and direct investment
  • Capital is at risk if the FTSE 100 Index has fallen by more than 40% at maturity from it's initial level, in which case your initial investment will reduce by 1% for each 1% fall
  • Minimum investment £3,000
  • Product designed to be held for the full term

Important Information: Structured investment plans are not capital protected and are not covered by the Financial Services Compensation Scheme (FSCS) for default alone. There is a risk of losing some or all of your initial investment due to the performance of the underlying investment. There is also a risk that the company backing the plan known as the Counterparty may be unable to repay your initial investment and any returns stated.

Sainsbury’s ISA

If you are trying to find the ISA that will help you get the most out of your annual allowance, you might be wondering what a Sainsbury’s ISA could offer you. Sainsbury’s do not currently offer a Stocks & Shares product but they do offer a Cash ISA. In addition to seeing what Sainsbury’s could offer you however it may be wise to shop around to try and find the top deal for the kind of Individual Savings Account you are interested in. You can use the table to compare a selection of different types of ISA from various providers, and click the links to apply:

Sainsbury’s Bank Cash ISA:

Offers a variable interested rate to savers, it works on a tiered system so savers who put more away may be able to achieve a better rate of interest. This account also permits unlimited penalty-free withdrawals. Interest is calculated daily and paid on annually.

About ISAs

There are two different distinct categories of ISA; Cash accounts and Stocks & Shares accounts. ISA rules permit you to open up to one of each type of account each tax year, you can open only one kind if you prefer. If you do decide to open one of each type of ISA then you will have to break up your annual ISA allowance between both accounts as it stays the same.

  • Cash ISAs – Work much like any other kind of savings account offered by a bank or building society. The main difference is that any interest you earn on the account is paid tax-free. There are different kinds of Cash ISA available from various providers with options including Fixed Rate, Easy Access and Instant Access so you can select a product that fits your saving needs.
  • Stocks & Shares ISAs – Are a kind of tax-efficient investment account that can be used to invest in products such as bonds, gilts and shares. It is important to remember that the value of these investments can decrease so you could end up with less than you originally invested. This type of ISA is considered tax-efficient as while you do have to pay tax on dividends, you do not have to pay capital gains or income tax on profits made from value increases on investments within the account up to your maximum allowance. Some products are known as self select and allow you to directly choose what stocks and shares to invest in, others work by giving you a choice of managed funds to put your money into.

Transferring an ISA

It is possible to transfer an ISA to another provider or to another ISA with the same provider. However some accounts will charge an interest penalty for doing so. This means that while it can be beneficial to see if you could benefit from switching, before you make the change over you should first check to ensure that any penalty you would incur will not negate any potential benefit of changing. 

ISA idea for tax free income

Best ISA Ideas For Growth

The opportunity for a high fixed tax free monthly income.

Maximise your 2017-18 allowance!

Invest from £3,000

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Important Risk Information:

This website contains information only and does not constitute advice or a personal recommendation in any way whatsoever. The value of investments and income from them can fall as well as rise and you may not get back the full amount invested. The tax efficiency of ISAs is based on current tax law and there is no guarantee that tax rules will stay the same in the future.

Different types of investment carry different levels of risk and may not be suitable for all investors. Please ensure that you read the Important Risk Information for further details. Prior to making any decision to invest, you should ensure that you are familiar with the risks associated with a particular investment and should read the product literature. If you are in any doubt as to the suitability of a particular investment, both in respect of its objectives and its risk profile, you should seek independent financial advice.

High Income ISAs

High income ISA ideas:

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Cash ISAs

Fixed Rate & Instant Access ISAs:

Cash ISAs: 

Stocks & Shares ISAs

Types of Stocks and Shares ISA include: 

Stocks and Shares ISAs

Latest News

How much can I pay into an ISA?

21st March 2019

Each tax year, there's a limit set by the government to the amount you can save and invest in ISAs: your “annual ISA allowance”. The allowances are intended to reward savers and encourage us to invest more to support our future retirements, without creating a tax haven that can be taken advantage of by very wealthy individuals who just want to avoid paying tax.

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