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Barclays ISA Transfer

Compare Barclays ISA Transfer Options

Investment ISAs put your capital at risk & you may get back less than you originally invested

What you're looking for isn't available; however, these brands may offer suitable alternatives

Stocks & Shares ISA

from Interactive Investor

Allows ISA Transfers
Regular Savings
  • Fund Choice: Access 40,000+ UK, US and international shares on 17 global exchanges. Choose from over 3,000 funds.
  • Invest From: £25 pm

Stocks & Shares ISA Transfer Cashback Offer (Terms Apply)

from Hargreaves Lansdown

Allows ISA Transfers
  • Protection Scheme: FSCS
  • Fund Choice: 2,500+ Funds
  • Invest From: £25 pm

Stocks & Shares ISA

from AJ Bell

Allows ISA Transfers
Regular Savings
  • Fund Choice: Wide range of stocks and shares, over 2,000 funds (unit trusts and OEICs), investment trusts and ETFs. Capital at risk.
  • Invest From: £25 pm

Stocks & Shares ISA

from Fidelity

Allows ISA Transfers
Regular Savings
  • Fund Choice: Choose from over 4,000 investment options, including one of the widest fund ranges in the UK.
  • Invest From: £25 pm

Stocks & Shares ISA

from Nutmeg

Allows ISA Transfers
  • Fund Choice: Nutmeg offer 4 diversified portfolios with ETFs, using technology to keep charges low.
  • Invest From: Min. £500 single

Stocks & Shares ISA

from Wealthify

Allows ISA Transfers
Regular Savings
  • Fund Choice: Choose your risk profile and have an investment Plan built and managed for you.
  • Invest From: £1

Stocks & Shares ISA

from Moneyfarm

Allows ISA Transfers
Regular Savings
  • Fund Choice: Choose your risk profile and have it matched to an investment portfolio expertly built and managed.
  • Invest From: £1,500

Stocks & Shares ISA

from Shepherds

Allows ISA Transfers
Regular Savings
  • Fund Choice: Invest in the Shepherds With Profits Fund which offers medium to low risk investing, with the aim of growing your money in a smooth manner over the long term.
  • Invest From: £30 pm

Barclays ISA Transfer

While all ISAs are required to allow you to transfer out there is not currently a requirement that an ISA has to allow transfers in. Therefore whether you are thinking of a Barclays ISA transfer either in or out you will need to first confirm that the specific Individual Savings Account (ISA) you wish to move to permits transfers in.

About ISA Transfers

It is now possible to transfer different types of ISA within each other, for example you could transfer an Investment ISA to a Cash ISA or the other way around, which can be useful if you decide to change how you want to use your money within an ISA.

Transferring an ISA can be a good idea if you feel your money would work for you better elsewhere, either into another ISA with same provider or a different one.

  1. Cash ISA transfers: Cash ISA transfers can be done at any point and should take 15 working days to complete. However, some ISA providers will charge you a set amount of days worth of interest for transferring away. Therefore if moving to another cash ISA with the aim of trying to achieve a better rate of interest you should first try to work out whether any interest penalty you would incur would negate the potential benefits of transferring.
  1. Investment ISA Transfers: Industry guidelines for investment ISAs currently recommend that transfers should take 30 days from start to finish. However, as this sort of ISA could contain a variety of different investments which could each take different amounts of time to close or sell it could take longer than this for a provider to get the money ready in the ISA to be transferred.

How to carry out an ISA transfer

In order to carry out an ISA transfer, once you have found the ISA product you wish to transfer to and confirmed that it does allow transfers in. Once you open the account you will need to complete and send an ISA transfer. You’re new and current ISA providers will then arrange for the ISA transfer to occur, once the transfer has been completed the previous ISA manager will give the new manager a written notice called ‘transfer history form’ your new provider should be contact with you once the transfer has been completed.

Before transferring

Whatever sort of ISA you are interested in transferring to it may be worth shopping around different providers first, to try and make sure you find the products that suits your need. You can use the tables on this website to view a selection of ISAs from different providers, some of which may permit transfers in. 

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Important Risk Information:

The value of investments can go down in value as well as up, so you could get back less than you invest. It is therefore important that you understand the risks and commitments. This website aims to provide information to help you make your own informed decisions. It does not provide personal advice based on your circumstances. If you are unsure of how suitable an investment is for you, please seek personal advice.

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