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Prudential ISA

If you’re looking for an Individual Savings Account you may be wondering what Prudential ISA products are currently available, at present Prudential offer a Stocks and Shares ISA but do not offer a Cash ISA. Whether looking for a cash, stocks and shares or both kinds of ISA it can be a good idea to shop around providers to try and find the top deal that fits your needs. You can use the comparison table above to view a selection of different ISAs from various providers and click the links to apply:

Prudential Stocks & Shares ISA:

The Prudential ISA has two features - Investment in a life insurance policy which allows investors access to the 'PruFund' funds as well as investment in Open-Ended Investment Companies (OEICs) through the OEIC Fund option. There is a selection of funds with both plans and you have the choice of investing in or both options.

ISA Guide

In order to be eligible for a UK ISA you must be:

  • 16 aged or over for a cash ISA.
  • 18 aged or over for a stocks and shares ISA.
  • A resident of the United Kingdom.
  • If you don’t live in the UK then you need to be a Crown Servant or their spouse/civil partner.
  • You can open a Junior ISA for someone under 18 who you have parental responsibility for.

There are two distinct categories of ISAs available in the UK: Cash ISAs and Stocks & Shares ISAs these differ considerably from each other. ISA rules permit each eligible person to open only one or both type of ISA each tax year; you cannot have more than one of each kind of ISA however. As you only get one ISA allowance if you do decide to open both types of account you will need to break it up between the two, you can do so however at a ratio of your choice, providing you do not exceed the limit e.g. 40% in the Cash ISA and the remaining 60% in Stocks & Shares.

  • Cash ISAs – Are a kind of savings account where the interest that accrues on the account is paid tax-free up to your maximum allowance. Banks and building societies may offer different kinds of Cash ISA such as; Fixed Rate, Notice Period and Instant Access depending on how easily you would like to be able to access your savings during the ISA’s term.
  • Stocks & Shares ISAs - Are a kind of investment account that offers a ‘tax-efficient wrapper’ for your money, you can use this account to then invest in other products such as bonds and gilts as well as stocks and shares. Up to your maximum allowance you don’t have to pay Capital Gains Tax or Income Tax on profits made from the increase in value of your investments, you do however still need to pay tax on dividends. Some of providers may offer an Self select plan where you directly get to invest in different stocks and shares or a plan that gives you a selection of managed funds to invest in. It’s important to remember that if the value of your investments goes down you could get back less than you originally invested.

ISA Transferring

It is possible to transfer an ISA to another provider, however you may incur a penalty of interest for doing so. This means while shopping around after taking out an ISA can be a good idea to get a better deal, you should work out if any penalty you might receive would actually negate the potential benefits of moving. 

High Income ISAs

High income ISA ideas:

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Cash ISAs

Fixed Rate & Instant Access ISAs:

Cash ISAs: 

Stocks & Shares ISAs

Types of Stocks and Shares ISA include: 

Stocks and Shares ISAs

Latest News

Lower ISA fees for fitness enthusiasts

13th March 2019

Do you need a nudge to encourage you to keep going to the gym, or for a regular run? How about lower admin fees on your ISA? Your health is as important to how much you will enjoy your retirement years as your future income. A new ISA provider reckons it makes sense to link the two together.

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