Vanguard Tracker ISAs

Keep investing simple with ready made tracker funds.

Vanguard Tracker Fund ISAs

Index tracker investment funds have become increasingly popular due to increased awareness of investment costs associated with active managed funds over time which do not always perform better.

Why Invest In A Index Tracker Fund Within An ISA?

Some things to consider include:
  1. Are you looking for a UK tracker fund – Tracker funds in the UK typically follow the FTSE 100, FTSE 250 or the FTSE All-Share. 
  2. Can I invest in an international tracker fund – You can also buy tracker funds that follow European, US and Far East indices.You can also get tracker funds that track global indices.
  3. Are there ethical tracker funds? – Some fund providers offer indices that track indices where companies are excluded that do not meet certain ethical and environmental guidelines. e.g. Legal & General Ethical Trust tracks the UK FTSE 350 excluding shares or companies that do not meet certain ethical standards.
  4. Charges – The lower the better. the good news is that unlike managed funds most tracker funds have no initial or exit fees.For international trackers you may have to pay a bit more.
  5. Some providers have a simple interface with clear copy about each investment and its past performances. Make sure you find one that you find easy to use, helpful and clear

Over the last decade the costs of investing in tracker funds have come down considerably. It makes sense to shop around to find the right tracker fund for you.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I transfer my Cash ISA into a FTSE 100 Tracker ISA?

Yes. You can do this by completing a form with your new FTSE 100 Tracker ISA provider.

Can I have more than one index tracker fund ISA?

You can invest in more than one index tracker fund in your Stocks and Shares ISA account. You can also have more than one Stocks and Shares ISAs at once, but you cannot contribute to them both in the same tax year.

Can I open an index tracker fund ISA with my partner?

As ISA accounts can only be held by individuals you cannot open a joint index tracker fund ISA account.

How do I apply for an index tracker fund ISA?

You can open an index tracker fund ISA online, over the telephone or by post.

You will need to add money to open your account, either by debit card payment or via a Direct Debit contribution.

Will I be charged for opening a FTSE 100 Tracker Fund ISA?

You usually aren’t charged for opening your account but may be charged dealing fees for buying your tracker fund and ongoing fees for holding it.