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IDAD - The Callable Deposit Plan

Either 3.5% pa or 50% x FTSE growth at end of term, plus full Capital Protection

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"CASH ISA PLAN: Combines capital protection with high growth returns - the opportunity to either receive 3.5% per quarter or 50% x any growth in the FTSE 100 Index at maturity..."

This popular cash deposit plan from IDAD offers:

  • Goldman Sachs International Bank - Deposit Taker
  • 3.5% per annum: if the Deposit Taker ends the plan early on any annual observation date from year one onwards
  • 50% x FTSE 100 Index growth: at end of 7 year term if the Deposit Taker does not end the plan early
  • Tax free income: if held in an ISA, ISA transfers accepted
  • Non-ISA also available: invest from £10,000
  • 100% capital protection: your initial capital returned in full no matter how well the FTSE performs  
  • The Plan is available for 2021/22 Cash ISA, ISA Transfer, Direct Investment, as well as SIPP and SSAS pension investments. It is also available to businesses, charities and trusts.

    • Investment deadline for ISA transfer applications: 30 March 2021
    • Investment deadline for direct and 2021/22 ISA applications by cheque: 6 April 2021
    • Investment deadline for direct and 2021/22 ISA applications by bank transfer: 13 April 2021
    • Important Information: This is a structured deposit plan and is capital protected. There is a risk that the company backing the plan or any company associated with the plan may be unable to repay your initial investment and any returns stated. In this event you may be entitled to compensation from the Financial Services Compensation Scheme (FSCS), depending on your individual circumstances. In addition, you may not get back the full amount of your initial investment if the plan is not held for the full term.

Although this plan has an uncertain end date, by offering some of the highest deposit returns available on the market no matter how the FTSE performs, or a competitive potential return if it runs the full term, it could provide a very attractive alternative when comparing with other deposit based options

Oliver Roylance-Smith
Head of Savings & Investments

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