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Best ISAs

Make sure you shop around for the best ISA deal.

Best ISAs

Finding the best ISA account online can seem daunting with so many to choose from. When choosing an ISA, there are a number of things to consider:

  • Timescale of investment - If you need access to you capital and you are not looking to invest for the long term you should consider a Cash ISA. If you are happy to tie up capital for the medium to longer term you may wish to consider a Stocks and Shares ISA which has the potential to beat cash over the longer term
  • Attitude to investment risk - If you are not prepared to lose capital then a Cash ISa is probably the better option for you. It should be remembered that over the long term inflation can erode your capital in real terms so getting a good rate of interest on your cash ISA should be a priority. If you are prepared to risk capital to achieve higher potential eturns then a stocks and shares ISA should be considered.
  • Charges - different ISA plans will have different charges. It is important that you are aware of what these are and how they could affect your ISA performance.

After you have answered the above questions, use the comparison tables on this site to help find a suitable ISA. We recommend that you seek financial advice from an independent financial adviser if you are unsure about what you want. ISAs are great ways to save both for lump sum and regular savings - to ensure your get the best ISA for your circumstances invest some time in researching your options.

Cash ISAs

ISAs are a tax-advantageous way to save or invest, check out some of the ISA options below

ISAs Products

Fund ISAs

There are a range of types of fund ISA

Fund ISAs: 

Stocks & Shares ISAs

Types of Stocks and Shares ISA include: 

Stocks and Shares ISAs

Latest News

Lifetime ISA bonus to be paid monthly

15th September 2016

The Government has announced today that the 25% annual bonus on savings held in lifetime ISAs will be paid monthly. This change will take effect from the 2018/19 tax year so a year after lifetime ISAs are launched in April 2017.

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